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Fine Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey

Case Study Bourbon is Distilled in Tennessee and bottled in Kentucky. Our bourbon is aged in charred American Oak barrels, in specific climates that help to ensure maximum aromatics and an incomparable taste experience.


Case Study Bourbon is matured for 4 years or more to guarantee a golden caramel colored spirit. Perfect for sipping straight, on the rocks, or as the foundation for your favorite cocktail. 

Case Study Bourbon - Our thirst for fine spirits never ends.

Case Study


Our thirst for fine spirits never ends.

Crafted by expert distillers in the rolling hills of rural Tennessee, this time-honored recipe highlights the sweetness of corn, adds the peppery spice of traditional Rye, and warms the pallet with just the right amount of malted barley. 


You’ll discover the warm notes of vanilla and maple syrup, with hints of rye and nutmeg on the finish as you enjoy this special spirit celebrating with friends or as you reflect on your accomplishments at days end. Distilled and barreled in traditional charred oak, Case Study delivers the ideal flavor and character you expect from a premium Bourbon Whiskey. Cheers!

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